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Using the wrong furniture in any application is expensive, no matter how much you paid.  We offer a common sense approach to commercial furniture needs; making it easy for you to make one of the best buying decisions and provide a long-term investment for the future of your organization.  You will find our furniture to be classic, versatile and durable.


We use specialized equipment and skilled craftsmen to produce incredibly durable furniture.  Many have tried to copy the style of our furniture, but they cannot match the quality of our construction or our dedicated customer service.


We continue to be committed to meeting the needs of our commercial customers, including; universities, resident care programs, health care facilities and fire departments, among others.  When solid, low-maintenance and attractive furniture is a must, This End Up Furniture Co. has the solution.  Our multiple product lines provide decorating options that allow our customers to create a long-lasting home-like atmosphere in any housing environment.


Our knowledgeable Commercial Sales Team understands the dynamics of the commercial environment; including space planning, fire codes, budget constraints, deadline requirements and new construction. 


All seating pieces have a solid wood frame that provides maximum support and stability.  Our 3-ply side and back panel construction is bonded in a hydraulic press to ensure superior strength and durability. 


Cushions have zippered covers and are affordable and easy to replace.  Durable commercial grade fabrics and foam, certified to meet Cal. T.B. 117 and Cal. T.B. 133 fire codes are available.  Fluid, spill and stain resistant fabrics and vinyls are also available.


Our durable dining and study tables have a trestle or stem base construction for maximum seating capacity, sturdiness and handicap accessibility, providing comfortable seating on all sides.  Add our dining chairs or benches to accommodate all your seating needs.  Wheelchair height trestle base dining and study tables are also available.


Full length, double guardrails on both sides of bunk beds and daybeds provide an extra safety feature.  They are also equipped with guardrail safety straps to further secure the guardrail to the frame.  Solid steel 3-inch bunk bed alignment pins provide extra stability.  Bunk beds meet the voluntary bunk bed safety guidelines established by the American Society of Testing and Materials.  All beds available in queen length.


Our sturdy solid wood casegoods provide efficient and durable storage.  All bureaus and dressers feature reinforced drawer front construction.  Drawer stops prevent drawers from pulling out completely.  These features reveal the careful craftsmanship that goes into creating each casegood and contributes to the design, strength and function of each piece.  Available laminate tops provide an easy-care solution.  Our wardrobes provide both hanging and stacking storage.  Where safety is a concern, you can select an optional J-bar for any of our wardrobes.


We offer mattresses solutions for most applications.  Innerspring or foam cores along with nylon, vinyl, and fabrics provide economic and comfortable options.  Where incontinence and spills are a concern, we offer mattresses that are fluid proof, stain and tear resistant, easy-to-clean, bacterial and fungal resistant, non-allergenic and have malodor protection.  Steel spring base units or durable wood bed boards are an affordable and durable alternative for mattress support.


You may want to select our optional arm cushions, creating a versatile upholstered look, providing comfort, function and style. 


Our high pressure laminate tops provide an extra measure of protection against scuffing and marring.  Easy to clean, they also make an excellent writing surface.  Laminate tops are available on our tables, desks, and bureaus in your choice of 7 colors:


Navy Port Hunter Tan Wood Grain Cherry Xanadu
navy.jpg port.jpg hunter.jpg tan.jpg wood-grain.jpg cherry.jpg xanadu.png



When time is critical and you need furniture fast This End Up offers bedroom, dining and living room options that can ship direct to you within 48 hours.